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I would just like to take a minute to thank you very much for an unforgettable evening. I recently held a bachelorette party and we did a private party with you. One of my girls is missing an arm and we were a little concerned with her being able to do some of the pole dancing. Your instructor was great and brought out the "Fun" in all of my quiet girls. They all said how much they enjoyed themselves, even those who were against the idea. The Bride to be is now a married women and is planning on signing up for more of your classes. Again, thank you so much for making our night so fun and comfortable! Annette O., S.C.

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Xotic Eyes - Professional Glitter Make-Up

Xotic eyes is an innovative, fun, and easy way to quickly become a more glamorous "you".  A reuseable cosmetic applique' designed to frame the eye and create a beautiful and unique new look for any occasion.  Capture everyone's attention at your formal events or just dress things up for your next night of clubbing.  Find out how easy it is to see yourself in Xotic eyes. 
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Xotic Eyes - Athena Eye and Body GlitterLook like a Goddess with Xotic Eyes Athena.
Xotic Eyes - Bella Blush Eye and Body GlitterShow off your sweet blush with Xotic Eyes Bella Blush.
Xotic Eyes - Blaze Eye and Body GlitterHeat things up with Xotic Eyes Blaze.
Xotic Eyes - Body Art Cheetah Body GlitterBe a wild thing in Xotic Eyes Body Art Cheetah
Xotic Eyes - Body Art Purrr Body GlitterMake them purr while wearing Xotic Eyes Body Art Purrrr.
Xotic Eyes - Body Art Zebra Body GlitterZebra stripes everywhere with Xotic Eyes Body Art Zebra!
Xotic Eyes - Cami Eye and Body GlitterIf you love camo then Xotic Eyes Cami is for you.
Xotic Eyes - Cheetah Eye and Body GlitterMake them growl with antipation with Xotic Eyes Cheetah.
Xotic Eyes - Circa Eye and Body GlitterShow them this is no ordinary show with Xotic Eyes Circa.
Xotic Eyes - Coral Eye and Body GlitterShow that your as exotic as the coral with Xotic Eyes Coral.
Xotic Eyes - Cotton Candy Eye and Body GlitterShow how sweet you are with Xotic Eyes Cotton Candy.
Xotic Eyes - Desire Eye and Body GlitterShow your desires Xotic Eyes Desire.
Xotic Eyes - Diva Eye and Body GlitterThis diva is all about drama with Xotic Eyes Diva.
Xotic Eyes - Electric Eye and Body GlitterElectrify your show with Xotic Eyes Electric.
Xotic Eyes - Envy Eye and Body GlitterTurn them green with Xotic Eyes Envy.
Xotic Eyes - Exotica Eye and Body GlitterBe exotic with Xotic Eyes Exotica.
Xotic Eyes - Fallen Eye and Body GlitterAre you a fallen star? Xotic Eyes Fallen is for you.
Xotic Eyes - Ice Queen Eye and Body GlitterBe the queen of cool with Xotic Eyes Ice Queen.
Xotic Eyes - Jasmine Eye and Body GlitterLook as dainty and pretty as a flower with Xotic Eyes Jasmine.
Xotic Eyes - Lush Eye and Body GlitterBe lavish with Xotic Eyes Lush.
Xotic Eyes - Neveaha Eye and Body GlitterShow your love of excess with Xotic Eyes Neveaha.
Xotic Eyes - Passion Eye and Body GlitterBe passionate with Xotic Eyes Passion.
Xotic Eyes - Phoenix Eye and Body GlitterRise again with Xotic Eyes Phoenix.
Xotic Eyes - Punked Eye and Body GlitterAdd an edge with Xotic Eyes Punked
Xotic Eyes - Purrrr Eye and Body GlitterMake them purr with pleasure with Xotic Eyes Purrrr.
Xotic Eyes - Stormy Eye and Body GlitterCreate the storm of the century with Xotic Eyes Stormy.
Xotic Eyes - Teagan Eye and Body GlitterBe pink seduction with Xotic Eyes Teagan.
Xotic Eyes - Twisted Eye and Body GlitterBe twisted with Xotic Eyes Twisted.
Xotic Eyes - Villain Eye and Body GlitterLet out your inner bad girl with Xotic Eyes Villain.
Xotic Eyes - Vixen Eye and Body GlitterThis foxy lady is a Xotic Eyes Vixen.

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