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I would just like to take a minute to thank you very much for an unforgettable evening. I recently held a bachelorette party and we did a private party with you. One of my girls is missing an arm and we were a little concerned with her being able to do some of the pole dancing. Your instructor was great and brought out the "Fun" in all of my quiet girls. They all said how much they enjoyed themselves, even those who were against the idea. The Bride to be is now a married women and is planning on signing up for more of your classes. Again, thank you so much for making our night so fun and comfortable! Annette O., S.C.

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Sensual Fitness - Helping women feel better about themselves

Hoopnotica - Hoop Dancing Classes

Welcome to Hoopnotica ® Hoop Dance!

Hoopnotica ® hoop dancing is a fun and challenging new way to lose weight and build strength. Remember your childhood days when life was simple and you had hours of fun with your hula hoop? Well now you can have that same fun again while toning your body and losing weight. To view a demonstration video of Hoopnotica ® Hoop Dancing, click on the play button above.

Hoopnotica ® hoop dancing is the latest way for women and teenagers to get fit while having some fun again. Hoopnotica ® hoop dancing can be done in almost any room, park, backyard or on the beach. Hoopnotica ® travel hoops are small enough to take with you on any vacation or business trip, so that you can continue to exercise while away from home. Some of the Hoopnotica ® benefits for the body and mind include:


  •  Builds your core strength
  •  Tones your entire body
  •  Intense cardio workout
  •  No to low impact
  •  Increases your energy
  •  Develops balance and coordination
  •  Increases your flexibility
  •  Reduces your weight 
  •  Clears and quiets the mind
  •  Reduces your stress levels
  •  Improves self confidence 
  •  Generates joy and laughter
  •  Improves your mood
  •  Opens up creative self expression 

Ladies, Are you looking for a great pregnancy or post-partum exercise? Hoop dance is approved by most doctors as a low-impact exercise (please check with your doctor before starting any new exercise).  Learn the moves needed for a sensual seduction!

Hoop Dancing

6 Week Class
Learn the basics of sensual Hoopnotica ® hoop dancing. A great way to exercise and have fun while learning the basic moves required to hoop dance in style. During this class you will learn how to hoop on your Waist, Hips, Hooping Overhead , hooping around the body (Passing), turning with the hoop (Floating), bringing the hoop up off your body , bringing the hoop back to your waist , Corkscrews, Chest hooping, Neck hooping, Shoulder hooping , Backward Angles, Forward Angles, and Thigh hooping. You will also learn how to put these moves together in sensual and seamless dance routines that can be performed at any time! We will begin each class with a meditative warm-up and go over the moves learned in previous weeks.

We Gladly and Securely Accept

Notice: Class format and/or instructor(s) subject to change without notice

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