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I would just like to take a minute to thank you very much for an unforgettable evening. I recently held a bachelorette party and we did a private party with you. One of my girls is missing an arm and we were a little concerned with her being able to do some of the pole dancing. Your instructor was great and brought out the "Fun" in all of my quiet girls. They all said how much they enjoyed themselves, even those who were against the idea. The Bride to be is now a married women and is planning on signing up for more of your classes. Again, thank you so much for making our night so fun and comfortable! Annette O., S.C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your classes?

Each class lasts about one hour. There is a warm-up period, workout period and a cool-down period for each class. We have found that while many students would like to go longer during a class, many others simply cannot exercise for more than about one hour at a time. To be fair to all students, we limit each session to about one hour.


Who can attend your classes?

Sensual Fitness Classes ™ are designed for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. While we do have a open policy on who may attend our classes, we do respectfully ask that most classes be comprised of women over 18 years of age. Of course, we do make exceptions in our policies if a parent wants a child to attend with them providing that child feels comfortable in taking that class. 


How many weeks long is a class schedule?

Each on-going class is scheduled to last six (6) consecutive weeks, with class being held once per week. If for some reason, you must miss a class session, we will work with you to fit you into another class for a make-up session. Although we do understand that some of our students can not take our classes consecutively and will work with these students.


How much does it cost?

We have tried to keep the class costs as low as possible. Currently our price for each class is Twenty Five ($25) per Pole Class, Fifteen ($15) per Aerobics Class. Although we do offer other specials and deals like our Buy 5 Get the 6th Free or our Monthly Unlimited Classes, so that our students can get the best deal possible.


Can I take a Trial Class?

Yes, we offer trial classes based upon space being available in a class session. The cost for a one time trial class is the same as one regular class. You can sign up for just one or buy a package of Buy 5 get the 6th FREE!


Is there a Membership Fee to join?

No, Sensual Fitness Classes ™ does not require an actual membership. 


Do you offer a UNLIMITED CLASSES package?

Yes, we do offer a Monthly Unlimited Class package. You can join us for all of our scheduled classes for the month for just $100. This is the best package for our students who want to take more than one class or more than 4 classes a month.


Do you have a child's play area?

Sensual Fitness Classes ™ understands the need for a childs play area. We are parents also and appreciate your concerns. We do not currently offer a child's play area.


What should I wear to class?

For most classes, exercise or fitness wear would be appropriate. For  Pole Dancing, Polesque or Pole Flow classes, we recommend shorts and tank tops or layers of clothing that can be easily removed, since some moves are easier with different lengths of pants or shorts. You can choose to wear shoes or barefoot. We do require that all rings, jewelry, bracelets, chains, etc. be removed during classes or left home or in your car as we don't have lockers for these items or your purse. Please do not use lotions on your hands or body before or during classes, as these can make the dance poles very slippery. 

What should I bring to class?

We recommend bringing a bottle of water or energy drink since you will be working up a sweat during class. Water or energy drinks will also be available for purchase during classes. Your instructor will advise you of anything else that you should bring during the first class.


What should I expect my first time?

Expect lots of laughs, some sweat, new friends and a whole lot more. We have tried to make each class fun and exciting to keep you wanting to come back for more. Exercise never was this much fun before. You can expect a great workout without working hard or over exerting yourself. We encourage you to set your own pace during each class, afterall, we aren't slave drivers or task masters during your exercise class. We do, however, expect you to make the effort to keep up with the rest of the class otherwise you will fall behind in what you are learning during the six week (6) session.


Help! I have fallen behind, How do I catch-up?

If we have a second class that week, we will try to fit you in so that you can catch-up on what you've missed.

Are men allowed in your classes?
My husband or boyfriend wants to join a class with me.

We do offer the option of co-ed classes or even men's only classes. Please contact us for more info.

I noticed that some classes have days and times listed and some don't, WHY?

As we schedule a class based upon having enough people to attend, we assign a day or days to the class. If a class does not have a day assigned it only means that we are not sure which day of the week it will be held. Please bear with us as we are trying to schedule classes to fit everyones schedules (teachers & students) which is extremely hard to do. Please use our "Feedback Page" to let us know what days and times are best for you. 

Will you be offering any "OTHER TYPES" of classes?

Yes, Sensual Fitness Classes ™ is exploring the feasibility of holding many different and exciting classes for women.  Feel free to offer your suggestions or wishes for classes or seminars to us through our "Contact Us" page.

My schedule changes weekly, can I still take your classes?

Yes, Sensual Fitness Classes ™ realizes that many people have work or family schedules that constantly change. We are willing to work with you and allow you to attend another class of the same type. If you signed up for Pole Dancing as an example, and you must miss a class, just let us know 24 hrs in advance and we can add you into a different Pole Dancing class that is at your same level. You maybe able to join in on another class of the same type and level some other time that week if offered and available on a space available basis. We want you to exercise and complete your full class session.

Can I switch classes?

If for some reason you find that the class you have chosen is to difficult or you cannot attend on the days the classes are held, we will allow you switch into a different class. We will only allow one (1) class switch during your six (6) week session.

I missed my Pole Dance class, can I just come to the next Pole Dance class?

Each class is a separate class. Pole Dancing is our most popular class and space may not be available for you to just drop in. If you didn't call us and advise us that you would be missing your class, we may not have space available for you in the next class.

I have not attended recently, Are my classes lost?

Each class must be scheduled 24 hrs in advance. You have up to 3 months from your first class to use all of your classes. If it has been longer than 3 months since the last time you attended class without make arrangements with your instructor you will have lost your classes.

I forgot to cancel my class before my scheduled time

If you have our 6 classes package you will lose one class for each time you have scheduled and do not attend the class. If you have our monthly unlimited class package, we reserve the right to charge a no-show fee of $15 for each scheduled time that you do not attend. Our teachers travel to give you these amazing classes please be respectful and cancel at least 24 hrs in advance if you can not attend.


We Gladly and Securely Accept

Notice: Class format and/or instructor(s) subject to change without notice

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